About G.A. Animal Behaviour

Hello! My name is Gillian Amos and I am a provisional Clinical Animal Behaviourist and trainer, specialising in dogs and horses.

Clinical Animal Behaviour involves an evidence based approach for investigating, treating and managing a wide variety of abnormal and/or problem behaviours performed by companion and captive wild animals. A clinical animal behaviourist uses evidence based methods that ensure the welfare of the animal is a priority. I have an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour from Edinburgh University Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and I am a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

Provisional members have demonstrated that they have the appropriate level of Knowledge and Understanding for the professional role of Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB). They are now gaining the practical experience necessary to be assessed as a CAB and therefore become a Full Member of the APBC. The APBC supports its Provisional Members undertaking behaviour consultations.

I am also a pre-certificated member of The Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FABC).

I have worked with horses for many years and completed my British Horse Society (BHS) riding, care and lunge up to stage 3. I am also a student member of the Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT).

I have worked in the field of Public Health for over 15 years, specialising in human mental health. The parallels between human mental health and animal mental health are remarkable, however our animals cannot express when they are struggling and due to this they are often misunderstood, even by the most loving owners. Working to improve the lives of animals and owners is a priority, and as a dog and horse owner I fully understand the stress and frustrations that occur when animals develop problems and I am fully committed to working with owners to provide practical solutions to the problems they are facing.

I am based in West Lothian, Scotland and can travel throughout central Scotland or conduct behaviour consultation remotely (depending on the presenting behaviour).

For more information please contact me on: